Some Ways I Conquer Writer’s Block

The blank page is very intimidating. That might be putting it lightly, it is terrifying.  It seems like the harder you try to create some content, the harder it is to come up with ideas.  To help with the legitimization of this website,  I decided to undergo a challenge. I decided to write 30 posts in 30 days.  This sounded a lot easier than it is.  After the first week, I found that I was stressed, trying to find things to write about. I having a running document of ideas of things I might try to write about. The current list is sad and desperate.  Nonetheless, I am committed to keep churning content for this website and accomplish my goal. So today, what I am going to write about is a couple ways to get over writer’s block.

  1. Drink some caffeine.  Maybe it’s a placebo, or maybe coffee is the nectar of the gods.  For whatever reason, I find that my creative juices some time flow a little easier after I  down a cup of coffee.  Scientist’s have actually done studies that show that caffeine helps us with our thinking process.   It helps me more become energized and determined to conquer the empty page. 
  2. Exercise.  Sometimes I might be too energized or trying too hard.  I find that if I get my blood pumping I am able to think of some new topics.  Even during a run, I can feel my head come up with new fresh ideas and takes that I can write about.  I rarely commit to a full workout when I am writing, but a quick run or some jumping jacks can usually do the trick. After I have finished, I find that both my mood and creativity are in a much better place to write. 
  3. Do some mindless chores. There is a scientific reason that we always come up with our best ideas when we are in the shower.  We need to let our brain take a break from thinking so it can really start thinking. Staring at a blank screen for an hour will just frustrate and torture me. Sometimes I will actually do things that I used to have to be nagged to do.  I have found that when I do things like flossing, vacuuming, putting up my laundry, I will sometimes come up new post ideas. 
  4. Waste time on time wasters.  Social Media can be a bad distraction at sometimes, it can be the ultimate procrastination tool.  However, I have found that if I use sites like LinkedIn, facebook, or google plus, I am able to steal some new ideas. You can absorb what others are talking about or interested in. There are also times I watch the news with this purpose, to try to see what people are talking about. I have found that these things can be a more than welcome distraction than I once thought.

This 30-day challenge I am undergoing is the most I have forced myself to write. I am aware that having a website is far from qualifying me as “a writer.”  Nonetheless, I find that from time to time I suffer from writer’s block.  These are some of the ways I have been combating it. Thanks for reading.