A Simple Philosophy to Create a Great Workplace Environment

As I have mentioned before we live in the “Yelp generation.”  This means that people are always rating the entities that they have had an experience with.  This includes employers that people have worked for.  With the uptick of websites like Glassdoor, it is easy to see what previous and current people thought about their time with the company.

Besides that, you want to create a positive workplace experience for your team.  You want to give your productive employees every incentive to stay on board.  There are ways to go about creating a positive workplace environment.  There are also ways to do this that don’t include a hefty raise.

I have found that it was not all that difficult to create this kind’ve of workplace by doing a couple simple things.  Create opportunities to offer recognition, and accept feedback. This was as simple as extending the weekly or daily meeting by a couple minutes.  With this new way of thinking we are able to improve our workplace condition, and in doing so improve our employee retention.

How did we go about recognizing positive performance? Obviously, the best answer would be to give out raises, but we all know that isn’t always an option.  The easiest, yet quite effective way is some simple verbal praise.  You could immediately tell that this went a long way.  Make it a practice of offering words of encouragement when your employees are doing the right thing. Employees are used to hearing criticism when things go wrong, but you will boost morale if you make a habit of offering some kind words. An extension of this idea was actually creating a board of top achievers.  We would place this board in a prominent place that all the employees could see.  The public recognition will go a long way in displaying what a great job they are doing.

The second half of this approach was, as I mentioned, to encourage feedback.  This one could be a little tricky because people are probably a little scared, to be honest with you.  A simple way to address this was to create a suggestion box.  People can feel free to sign their name to it or not, that can be their prerogative.  Some of the ideas might be useful, some might not be, but at least we can get a better insight on what are employees want.  You can then be fair, objective, and transparent, on what suggestions you will employ and why.

The ultimate way to help create a positive workplace boils down to one word. Trust. The two things I talked about have a base of trust. Trust that your employees will do the right thing, I mean there is a reason you hired them. Trust that your employees know that you are actually looking out for their best interest. You will spend more time with these people that you do with your own family.  Try to create an even better environment to go to, by creating a culture of positive feedback, and some positive recognition. If you do, you will find that your efforts will be rewarded with improved performance and better retention.  Thanks for reading