Tips for Settling in a New City

A unique fact about me personally is that I have moved around a bunch in my life. Right now I am 25, and I have already lived in 10 different cities, and 5 different states. Most of them before I was 18, but ultimately I am glad I have been able to have so many different experiences. I got to experience what it was like to live on both coasts and in the flyover states of this awesome country.  Obviously, every move is tough, but there are certain things that are important to keep in mind to help you settle into your new home better.

If there is anything I have learned from moving around a lot, is that every place has its positives.  When I moved from Indianapolis to Los Angeles, I was afraid everybody was going to be fake, not true. When I was told I was moving from California to North Carolina I was afraid I was going to be surrounded by hicks, not true.  When I was told I was moving from North Carolina to Kansas City, Missouri, I was afraid I was moving to a flyover state with nothing going on, not true. Every move has its challenges, but I was so glad that I was wrong so many times.

First of all, reach out to real people. If you went to college, or have worked in a somewhat big office, it is inevitable that you know somebody that has lived in the area, or is currently living in the area you are moving to. Reach out to these people on LinkedIn or Facebook.  They will be able to give you a tremendous amount of insight on the city.  They will be able to tell you about the culture, the people, the cost of living, and so much more.  Also I have found that people love bragging about the city they live in or have lived in.

Second do some research online. This one is fairly obvious, and it might have even been your initial instinct.  Look into websites like Citysearch or Yelp.  By doing this you can read what others have said about the key features of the city.  You can find out the best places to eat, the best places of entertainment, or things like that. Of course, there is no substitution for actually experiencing something yourself, so go out and actually try these places in question, early on in your move. I have just found that websites like this are usually a good start.

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to get out there and make new friends.  Make new friends in your job or school that have similar interest. You will never fully learn the city if you spend all your free time on the couch watching Friends reruns.  Also, don’t be afraid to pick up new hobbies or reacquire old ones.  When meeting new people it is all about finding a common ground that you can go out and try new things. There is no way that you are moving to a town that has nobody with some of the same interests as you, just go out and find them!

You won’t meet anybody by just sitting around your new house, so take any opportunity you have to get out there.  You will have to probably take some initiative to meet new people and fully appreciate your new home, but don’t stress about it. As with most things in life, if you have an open mind and a great positive attitude, you will soon find yourself fully immersed in your new city.  Thanks for reading.